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Futures Methodologies
Technology and Science
Business and Careers
Health and Wellness Futures
Resources and Environment
Learning and Education
Governance and Communities
Social and Cultural Trends
Values and Spirituality

If you have event ideas, topics or speaker recommendations, please tell us.  We look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting.  View past meeting content (videos or slide presentations) on our blog.

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

27 Sep 2017 Design Thinking: Applying AI to Disaster Relief
12 Jun 2017 EFF Austin meeting "Is Privacy Dead? Generation Z and the Taming of the Digital Wild West
11 Mar 2017 A FREE SXSW futures event you don't want to miss!
22 Feb 2017 Reminder: The Free State of Austin
04 Jan 2017 Announcement: TOP TECH TRENDS FOR 2017 (AND BEYOND)
08 Dec 2016 ANNOUNCEMENT: Global Austin's Reimagining Possibility with Yasser Bahjatt
08 Dec 2016 ANNOUNCEMENT: Global Austin features scifi writer Yasser Bahjatt
28 Nov 2016 The Future as a Cognitive Prosthetic with Jake Dunagan
15 Nov 2016 Carbon Fee to Carbon Free
16 Oct 2016 Can We Really Have a Sustainable Society? (a CTXWFS recommended event)
12 Oct 2016 The Future of Austin
18 Sep 2016 Big History and Big Future (a CTXWFS recommended event)
14 Sep 2016 Why the public doesn't “get” what futurists try to tell them
17 May 2016 Autonomous Vehicles and its Legal Challenges
12 Apr 2016 The Future of the Digital Economy
24 Feb 2016 The Future of Energy by Herb Rubenstein
08 Dec 2015 Tiny Transit - an Innovative New Approach to Austin's Transportation Problem by Katie Kam and Susan Engelking
22 Oct 2015 Artificial Intelligence - Ethical Issues and the Modern Company by Kay Firth-Butterfield
25 Jun 2015 POSTPONED: Emerging Technology and its Benefits to Our Children by Kay Firth-Butterfield
27 May 2015 Five Keys to the Engaged and Innovative Culture of the Future by Carrie Vanston
29 Apr 2015 Moore’s Law and The Future of Health Care by Wayne Caswell
26 Feb 2015 Successful Entrepreneurs, the Web of Opportunities that Produced Them, and What Webs Might Arise in the Future by Anne Boysen
17 Dec 2014 CTXWFS Holiday Party and Presentation from Steve Pearson - Fast Track Your Innovation and Analytics for the Holidays
28 Oct 2014 The Chemistry of Performance
21 Oct 2014 No CTXWFS meeting this week
26 Sep 2014 CTXWFS Invitation: MiniTrends 2014: Insight, Innovation & Strategy – 9/26, Austin, TX – Special Offer for our Members
16 Sep 2014 Superintelligence - The most important issue we will face? (new CTXWFS meeting location)
19 Aug 2014 No CTXWFS meeting in August
17 Jun 2014 Panel Discussion - Predictions for the Collapse of our Civilization (volunteer panel speakers wanted)
20 May 2014 Growing Up in the Second Machine Age
15 Apr 2014 10 Unseen Opportunities for the Long Run - With Futurist Jeffrey Fry
18 Mar 2014 Exciting Possibilities for the Future of Education
21 Jan 2014 What should we do with an immortality pill?
19 Nov 2013 The Effects of Climate Change on Austin and Central Texas
15 Oct 2013 CANCELED - The Effects of Climate Change on Austin and Central Texas
17 Sep 2013 The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change - An Overview and Group Discussion
18 Jun 2013 Fostering Critical Thinking for a More Enlightened Texas - Can it be Done?
21 May 2013 What are you optimistic about? (We need your input on this)
16 Apr 2013 The Future of Parenting - a Generational Approach
19 Feb 2013 Big Problems and Solutions from TED
15 Jan 2013 2013: Seeking a New Future - A Planning Meeting
20 Nov 2012 Strategy, Information and Alerts
17 Oct 2012 MiniTrends 2012: A Conference on Translating Emerging Trends into Business Opportunities
16 Oct 2012 Updated Info: World System Model
18 Sep 2012 Is Your Thinking HOT or Not?
21 Aug 2012 Simple, Complicated or Complex?
17 Jul 2012 Picking Priorities: Creating a Top Ten List for Futurists
19 Jun 2012 Creating the Future We All Want to See
15 May 2012 The Future of Medical Research and Implications on Your Privacy
17 Apr 2012 Preparing for the Future: Journey To A Meaningful Life
20 Mar 2012 The Future of Healthcare in Texas with Senator Watson
21 Feb 2012 Mineral Resource Availability and Our Future
17 Jan 2012 Futures Methods in Ten Minutes of Less
13 Dec 2011 Holiday Social & Conversational Salon
15 Nov 2011 Future of Homes & Neighborhoods
18 Oct 2011 Fueling Our Energy Needs
20 Sep 2011 The Future of Education in Texas
16 Aug 2011 82nd Legislative Session Recap and "Reading of the Texas Tea Leaves"
19 Jul 2011 The Future of Nonprofits
21 Jun 2011 Risk Forecasting for Dynamic Resilience: Preparing to Thrive in Challenging Times
17 May 2011 The Future of Publishing
19 Apr 2011 Texas Energy - What's in our Future?
15 Mar 2011 Trends Shaping the Future of Transactions presented by Heather Schlegel
15 Feb 2011 Douglas Whatley presents "Free Agentry, The New Independent Workforce"
18 Jan 2011 Joyce Gioia, CSP, CMC presents "Moving into the Future with your Head and your Heart"
07 Dec 2010 Holiday Social & Conversational Salon
16 Nov 2010 Lane Sebring M.D. presents "The Future of Medicine Is Not Medicine As We Know It"
19 Oct 2010 Jon Lebkowsky presents "The Future of the Internet"
21 Sep 2010 Cyd Rogers presents Texas Future Problem Solvers - 30 Years & Counting
17 Aug 2010 Summer Break - August's Meeting Is Cancelled
20 Jul 2010 Taylor Willingham previews "America Speaks: Our Budget, Our Economy"
15 Jun 2010 Thomas A. Visel presents "Beyond AI: Psychological Emulation of the Human Mind"
18 May 2010 "The Smoke and Mirrors of The Euro Sovereign Rescue Package: A Precursor for the United States?" with Professor Lewis Spellman PhD.
20 Apr 2010 "A Geological Perspective on Global Warming, Global and U.S. Energy Futures, and Global Free Markets ... What We Can Do" with Peter R. Rose Ph.D.
16 Mar 2010 Plutopia a Futures Oriented Initiative presented by Derek Woodgate
16 Feb 2010 Monthly Meeting: Minitrends with John Vanston, Ph.D
19 Jan 2010 Monthly Meeting: Media Incubator 2.0 with Carl Settles
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