Douglas Whatley presents "Free Agentry, The New Independent Workforce"

  • 15 Feb 2011
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Marie Callendar's Restaurant 9503 Research Blvd. Austin, TX 78759


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Free Agentry, The New Independent Workforce

Remember when our parents worked decades for one employer with security, summer barbecues, regular raises and promotions?

What happened to the "good ole days?" Were not the boomers, yuppies, puppies, dinks, X-Gen, even the Millennials entitled to that world? We didn't cause the market gymnastics, shifting work roles, relentless re-engineering and downsizing! Darn it, we just wanna be happy!

We must realize that no one will take care of us - not companies, not government! We must take charge to stand out as a Free Agent, UNIQUE from the crowd. Instead of working skills, applying tools and driving performance we will Inventory Unique Knowledge, vertically drive Subject Matter Expertise, and Master Career Branding.

A new professional itinerate workforce is developing which can, if channeled, give us Self-Command over our destiny, forcing us to seek not titles, but new success concepts based on a resident Knowledge Library that we create as it belongs to us, not a company.

Knowledge-Based Success: Companies used to hire for what we could do; now we must intimately know their business, market, and industry...a host of unique and vertically market-aligned nomenclature. A company will let go its workers, executives, and career performers in favor of those with the right Brain Trust which can be translated into a Financial Asset. A sense of Intellectual Assets is quickly becoming the new capital of companies. The properties of the mind are as valuable as the corner office, the perks, and the secret corporate handshake.

It won't be easy, this new migratory professionalism; it goes against our work traditions, training and experiences. Yet, if thought through deeply enough, outside the fear is a sense of excitement. Building your personal Knowledge Library and a focused Career Brand can give you a modern, progressive career success that shatters the old-school concept of abilities, skills and performance.

A great quote comes to mind on this final statement: "Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." Therefore, go out and create a true vision and definition of self, map your knowledge, chart your actions and change your world before the world changes you!


Douglas Whatley
Expert Coach Career Strategist/Architect
P.I.P. Master

Mr. Whatley has devoted his life to building Human Capital and Talent Management businesses that have focused on areas of Human Resources, Recruiting, Career Coaching/Architecting, Organizational Development/Training, Professional Success and Personal Achievement. Through his career he has developed relationships across the spectrum of industries from large corporations to small business and venture start-ups building a brand name with executives, technology experts, and all manner of business and professional people.
He started his career as a college student with Professional Career Associates eventually rising to General Manager and President. He expanded his knowledge base working as VP at INFOSYS Development cutting his teeth in technology and professional search. Then he dove into the realm of human resources as EVP of SP3 Group, an integrated HR consulting firm providing project management, training and recruiting. In addition to his personal consulting practice, P.I.P. Career Systems, Mr. Whatley has served on the board and been an advisor/coach to multiple companies including Affintus, Campus2Careers, ZillionHires, ActiveVendors, StaffMoms, TalentOnCampus, IC2 Institute UT Austin .

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