Thomas A. Visel presents "Beyond AI: Psychological Emulation of the Human Mind"

  • 15 Jun 2010
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Marie Callendar's Restaurant 9503 Research Blvd. Austin, TX 78759


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Thomas A. Visel, CTO of Neuric Technologies, LLC presents
"Beyond AI: Psychological Emulation of the Human Mind"

Ideas and dreams of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have found expression in books, movies, academia and industry for the past 50 years or more.  Early computers such as the Eniac or Illiac 1 were termed brains, but we all share the disappointment of today’s reality:  Computers are scripted and programmed.  Each decade turned over a new aspect of what AI might look like, from the Expert System of the 1980s, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms of the 1990s and so on.  Each of these brought “bio-mimetic” techniques to bear in its development.

These classical AI systems found niche applications where they were useful, perhaps with an exception of the Expert System idea, which largely failed.  AI retreated from its goals of general application to targeted areas where the current expression might work.  To embrace and incorporate psychology, emotion and reason has been unreasonable overload for a stressed AI community.

Neuric Technologies, LLC, has developed an alternative to AI.  It eschews traditional AI paradigms, with the idea they have had enough time to prove merit and deliver general purpose intelligence.  That most surely includes classical interpretation of the neuron itself.

Neuric’s brain is a general purpose learning and thinking system embodying psychology, feelings and emotion.  Its diverse application to intelligence, network management, autonomous vehicles is essentially unlimited.  The current ability to acquire and use knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) exceeds the classical Expert System goals.

It is one of those uncommon milestone technologies poised to change the world, much as social media has.  Neuric will be demonstrating both early and current generations of its brain.

Thomas A. Visel has strong cross-disciplinary skills and currently serves as a founder and the CTO of Neuric Technologies, LLC, where he has guided development of a new form of AI, a true brain. The feelings and emotion of that brain are part of the look-and-feel of human interaction. The first delivered brain is currently being applied and evaluated in areas of national security and network management.
His background includes the creation of electro-optic devices for both imaging and display. He has managed the development and characterization of photo-diode, CMOS, and CCD imagers, Liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) display devices, and the design of electronics for them. He has personally developed many FPGA-based drivers and sequencers for the prototyping, characterization or production test of silicon-based LC displays. These included both monochrome and field sequential color devices. Thomas has also created interfaces for many TFT and STN-DD flat panel displays, and written low-level BIOS software to support them.
Mr. Visel has developed a proprietary emotion and temperament-based model of the human brain and the emulation of human thought, for application in both military and commercial fields, patents pending per below.

Mr. Visel holds a number of patents and patents-pending. These include three personal patents pending in emotion-based emulation of human thought, on brain modeling and in its application to asymmetric warfare. On behalf of clients, he has filed patents pending in nanotechnology-based sensors, with three in nerve agent and oxygen sensors, and one on high voltage drivers for field emitter video displays. He holds three patents in distortion removal in holographic images and in semiconductor packaging, and presently has an allowed patent in artificial intelligence. He has a BSCE/EE from the University of Illinois, 1974.
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